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Now launches pewag bluetrack in the north

Easy-grip, durable, gentle to forest and ground.

This properties apply to pewag bluetrack which is a new track for forest machines. pewags world famous premium chains are now joined by yet another premium product of highest quality.
This means that we are becoming more complete as a supplier of traction products for the forest industry in the Nordic countries, says Hans Nicklasson, sales manager at pewag sweden.

The new tracks from the Austrian company pewag get their nordic launch in two major trade shows arranged in

the forthcoming weeks: SkogsElmia in Jonkoping 4 to 6 June and SkogsNolia in Umea 11 to 13 June.
Pewag bluetrack is available in three models:
* pewag bluetrack perfekt is designed to withstand extremely harsh conditions. The track is specially
developed for rocky and steep terrain. The design of the cross members provides optimal grip and prevents the
risk of snow and mud packing between tires and crossmember.
* pewag bluetrack duro is an universal all-round track. With its wide area and rounded edges it protects the
substrate. It's a track which is perfect for standard operations in the forest sector. Provides optimum grip on any
* pewag bluetrack flow is specially designed for use in soft terrain and on sensitive surfaces. The wide
coverage prevents the machine from sinking into soft ground and protects the tires from sharp rocks and


Hans Nicklasson, sales manager at pewag Sweden, believes in a positive reception.

Hans Nicklasson, sales manager at pewag Sweden, believes in a positive reception.
– There are great opportunities for this, he says expectantly. pewag is a premium business and has a wellestablished name. It is a brand that guarantees heat treatment, product development, materials science and
steel quality of highest class.
pewags strong reputation has developed over several generations. There is a business group with more than 500 years of tradition and experience. The long history is combined with a modern cut. There is a desire to find
new innovations and develop materials and methods.


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