Ratchet Load Binder RLS/S

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Specification table

Ratchet Load Binder RLS/S Code / Type Max. Permissible Lashing Capacity LC Normal Tension Force STF
Measurement Image RLS/S 7/8 50 1,900
RLS/S 10 80 3,000
RLS/S 13 134 2,500

Product description

KWB Star Alloy chains and accessories in grade 10 offer a wealth of advantages, for instance a long lifespan, continuous traceability thanks to detailed markings, and high wear resistance. The KWB eye ratchet load binder (EN 12195‑3) also boasts a 25% higher lashing capacity than grade 8. In combination with a long tool life and high serviceability, the ratchet load binder is a popular favourite when it comes to setting up robust, safe lashing systems. Please note that this product is not suitable for lifting.