Special Master Link T

The next dimension for 1- and 2-leg chain slings and for use as an end link: larger than our A model, this special master link may also be used for larger-size hooks thanks to its maximised inside dimensions.

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Specification table

Special Master Link T Code / Type Commercial Code
Measurement Image T 87.8 T 13
T 108.8 T 16
T 1310.8 T 20
T 1613.8 T 26
T 2016.8 T 32
T 2220.8 T 38
For chain slings: Please refer to table maximum working load Limit and restrictions on use

Product description

If the dimensions of the KWB master link A are not sufficient for your requirements, the special master link T may be the ideal choice. This tried-and-tested product comes with wider inside dimensions, allowing for stable use with the next-in-size crane hook or special hook. Furthermore, the special master link has a load capacity of up to 20,500 kg and comes in a robust design in signal red, helping to prevent mix-ups. Guaranteed European precision work for hard-wearing, smooth and safe use in industrial applications, at unbeatable value for money thanks to optimised processes.