Swivel Self Locking Hook WSB

Standardversion kann unter Last nicht geschwenkt werden. Nicht für geschweißte Systeme geeignet!

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Specification table

Swivel Self Locking Hook WSB Chain
Code / Type S max.
Measurement Image 1/4 WSB 06.8 1
9/32+5/16 WSB 07/8.8 1
3/8 WSB 10.8 1
1/2 WSB 13.8 1.50
5/8 WSB 16.8 2

Product description

Everything going to plan: the KWB self-locking hook with swivel or hinge ensures the optimal positioning of the pull/lifting system before it is placed under loads of up to 8,000 kg. An automatic locking system ensures that the highly stable hook locks automatically under load. Please note that the version with swivel or hinge may not be rotated under load and that the self-locking hook is not suitable for a welded system.