Webbing Coupling Link RSK

The ideal solution for textile lifting accessories: the KWB webbing coupling link RSK ensures gentle motion when attaching webbing slings or lifting straps.

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Specification table

Webbing Coupling Link RSK Chain
Code / Type
Measurement Image 5/16 RSK 08.8 U
- RSK 10.8
3/8 RSK 10.8 U
1/2 RSK 13.8 U
5/8 RSK 16.8 U

Product description

The name says it all: the KWB webbing coupling link is specially suited for connections other than steel & co. One side of this coupling link is suitable for attaching chains, hooks etc. The other side has a wide, straight contact surface that is suitable for webbing slings or lifting straps. The coupling link is gentle on your tools, ensuring a long lifespan as well as outstanding safety.