winner profimag PMA lifting magnet

Magnetic, compact, reliable.

Built with Neodymium magnets and thus compatible with a wide range of metallic materials without the need for electricity. Load capacities from 150 kg / 350 lbs to 2,000 kg / 4,400 lbs. Simple and quick to mount to the lifting equipment thanks to permanently mounted master links. Suitable for flat and round material as well as for temperature ranges from -10 °C to +80 °C at 80 % maximum humidity. Maximum temperature of the load to be lifted: 60 °C.

Surface: orange, anodized and electro galvanized. Master links: orange, powder-coated.

Manufactured according to EN 12100 T1 and T2, EN 13155, ASME B30.20 and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Built using Neodymium magnets
  • No electricity required for use
  • Small, compact format
  • Built using premium master links from the pewag winner range
  • May be used for a wide range of different metals, bearing in mind the reduction factors for working load limits
  • Easy to switch on or off by turning the lever by 180°, thus fully leveraging the magnetic effect
  • Safety mechanism locks lever in position when the magnet is on, thus preventing the accidental release of the load
  • Lever with handle, spring, lock, label and master link are available as spare parts
  • 5-year warranty
  • Safety factor 3
  • Jointed connection between master link and magnet, therefore reduced load during inclined hoisting operations
  • Front panels made from aluminium, thus reduced proper weight

The winner profimag PMA 150 (max. load 150 kg) is equipped with a new lever system. The previously used safety strap is replaced by an integrated safety strap in the lever. This allows the lever to be locked and unlocked with one hand.

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Specification table

winner profimag PMA lifting magnet Code / Type Master link weight
Measurement Image
Measurement Image 2
- AW 13: 13x110x60 15.43 7.50
PMA 150 AW 13: 13x110x60 88.20 7.00
PMA 1000 AW 13: 13x110x60 246.90 40.00
PMA 2000 AW 22: 23x160x90 19.84 112.00
PMA 300 AW 13: 13x110x60 37.50 9.00
PMA 500 AW 13: 13x110x60 17.00
winner profimag PMA lifting magnet Code / Type flat surface / min. material thickness flat surface / max. length L round surface / max. material diameter
Measurement Image
Measurement Image 2
- 20 2,000 -
PMA 150 20 2,000 150
PMA 1000 35 3,500 300
PMA 2000 45 3,500 500
PMA 300 20 2,500 150
PMA 500 25 3,000 250
Restrictions of use
Temperature range From -10 °C to +80 °C and max. humidity of 80 % Less than -10 °C and more than +80 °C 
Load factor  1  Not permitted
Shock loading  Not permitted
Steel type Mild steel Alloy steel C40 steel Cast iron
Load factor  1 0.8 0.7  0.45