In 2003 Pewag made a decision to stop making the grade 80 range of products.  Grade 80 chain was a technology manufactured in 1975 around the same time some affluent people were switching from black and white televisions to colour. At the time stepping away from this broadly used product was seen as a risk and only time was able to demonstrate that the lifting industry required more from its manufactures. This is true today and while we have the grade 100 and 120 range of products available, when the market is ready to move to grade 140 and 160 products we will be the ready for you.

This is not only true of our lifting segment but the new patented class leading friction welded chain is changing the way we use chains in the conveyor and elevator markets.

If you are looking for stainless products and require the best range and highest quality at a class leading grade 6.34 plus then the Pewag Inox range is this product.

Pewag is the manufacturer of the highest standard in quality chain available in the lifting market. From the worlds strongest lifting chain the Pewag square link grade 120 / 12 chain, this is the only true grade 120 lifting chain in the market and is able to achieve genuine claim on the back of the investment and development in to the unique square link design that maximises the external surface area to achieve this.

The range of accompanying lifting products available is the most diverse available with products ranging from Clovis, welded, hammerlock, master links, shortened and many other products to accompany the chain you desire.

The Pewag range of lifting points is the perfect anchor starting point! These are made to the hightest quality and come in a range of options including the patented too less pglw nut locking device.

In 2014 when considering how to add quality lifting clamps and magnets to our range we recognised that there was already an exceptionally build range of products out of the Netherlands. The terrier range of lifting clamps and magnets was a perfect partner for Pewag and the company joined the Pewag group making the full range of products immediately accessible to all Pewag customers.