Tyre Protection Chains

Pewag is the largest supplier of Tyre Protection chains in the world and being the manufacturer of the Strongest Tyre Protection Chains has been a big reason ,particularly in the demands of Open Pit Mining. Whilst not all open pit machines are as large as the Letourneau 2350, Cat 994 or the WA 1200 but it is these machines that pushed the demands on what strength and endurance a Tyre protection chain can deliver.

In 2007 Pewag was the first to develop a 23mm Tyre Protection chain  and this was around the time these machines started to use tyre sizes like the 70/70-57, The worlds largest Tyre.


It order to continue to be the leader in the field, Pewag extended its capabilities by cryogenically treating these chains. This gave us an added measured strength of 10% to the performance of the chain, Whilst this also added to the cost We at Pewag always looked at Cost per hour when designing and building the best Tyre Chains available for the Open Pit mining sector.


Pewag is the only company to Cryogenically treat their Tyre Protection Chains. It is a process that adds around another 10% in the chain. After the heat treatment has taken place we then move the chains in to the Cryogenic facility where the chains are taken down to -80 celcious. This is just another reason why Pewag make the strongest Tyre protection chains in the world.

Pewag Australia has the most experienced chain fitters in the Country and are able to ensure your chains are fitted and maintained at all time, but we understand that given how remote Australia is and the working hours are not always conducive to waiting for technicians to arrive. If you have capable personal who are safety conscious, the following video will give some assistance with the installation process.