pewag racing team

We at Pewag are privileged to be associated with the great bunch of professional athletes that form the Pewag racing team, this is arguably the number 1 team in the top tier of one of the toughest sporting disciplines "the ironman".
Whilst most of us will never experience what this is like to cross the line after this ultimate test, the vast majority of us have the ability to participate in some form of activity in our local or broader community and this is where "Pewag Active" comes in.

The investment in this sport is far more than wining it is about encouraging participation and getting regular forms of exercise and living healthier. Whether you participate in triathlon, running, mountain biking, swimming, road cycling or are walking for a cause we would like to know about it. We are lucky to live in the best corner of the planet where the weather is a lot more favourable for active people that seek out charity events, friendly competition or professional racing across a variety of sports.

If you or you are in a company that deals with Pewag for any of our products let us know and we would like to get your wearing the rite colours and post a picture of you or your event on our site here.

If you are not in a position to deal with Pewag and can't move to a company that does :-) but still have an interest in wearing the same colours as multiple ironman winners Marino Vanhoenacker or Carrine Abraham let us know as these range of products are available to purchase at a price lower than your PB!

These smiling faces are the foundation of the professional Pewag racing team!
Every one of our athletes is not only selected on ability but their professional qualities and humility off the track. It takes a special person to accomplish success in the field of ironman as it is not a sport for those seeking great fame or fortune but there for love of the sport and the challenge it presents the human body and  mind.

So keep an eye out at the ironman races for the distinctive Pewag green and feel free to say gday to them at your nearest ironman event.