BA Bale hook

Concentrated power.

The bale hook is a special accessory in grade 8, suitable for welded or Connex systems. It is ideal for lifting and transporting bales and structural steel wire meshes, is manufactured according to the pewag factory standard and comes with CE-marking. A full operating manual provides details on usage and application.

Prior to each use, please verify whether the hook may be used without a safety catch. Also note that this hook is suitable for straight pull only and that the load must not be placed on the tip of the hook. An added bonus – customised designs are available upon request!

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Specification table

BA Bale hook Code / Type e
Measurement Image BA 5/6 6.30 0.63 1.57 0.94 0.31 0.79
BA 7/8 7.87 0.75 1.97 1.18 0.39 1.59
BA 10 10.24 1.06 2.56 1.54 0.51 3.92