pewag forstgrip traction chains

pewag forstgrip keeps its word – excellent quality, no compromises!

First-class materials, coupled with engineering experience that goes back centuries, make pewag forstgrip the essential forestry accessory for professional users.

forstgrip advantages

Superior traction and stability thanks to innovative grip elements – Each chain comes with individual grip elements that offer maximum traction on different subsoils. Especially the angled stub arrangement patented by pewag offers a considerable advantage on rough terrain and guarantees the stability of the machine. 

Longer lifespan thanks to pewag special steel TitanGrip® – The specially developed pewag TitanGrip® steel and the sophisticated hardening process ensure a long lifespan compared to standard traction chains. 

Optimised fit of the chain on the tire – Innovative adjustable elements make fitting the chain on the tire quick and easy. With the spare parts that come with the chains, easy repair works may be completed on site, eliminating the need for machine downtimes. A tensioning chain is optional for pewag forestry chains, but not mandatory.

Anti-twist protection prevents tire damage – All pewag forestry chains come with a torsion-resistant profile that keeps the chain links stable and prevents the stubs from turning towards the tire and causing damage. In addition, the machine doesn’t lose grip, as the stubs reliably dig into the subsoil.

Superb self-cleaning properties – The wide chain mesh effortlessly removes dirt, mud and snow when the machine moves. For optimised self-cleaning, the number of sections and the chain tension are crucial. 

Customer-focused service worldwide – Our product experts provide outstanding service all over the world.

Perfected, state-of-the-art pewag forstgrip quality – Research and product optimisation that go back centuries guarantee state-of-the-art technology.

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