CW Connex connecting link

For connections that last.

The universal CW Connex connecting link consists of two symmetrical, die-forged halves, one bolt and one safety sleeve. It links load binder and chain, master link and chain, chain and chain, chain and hook, master link and hook as well as other elements and is suitable for straight pull only. The connecting link can be assembled easily and quickly, without the need for special tools.

It is manufactured according to EN 1677‑1, with the lashing capacity of G10 that exceeds that of G8 by no less than 25 %.

The bolt and the safety bush are available as a CBHW spare parts set. The product comes with CE-marking, BG-approval and a full operating manual. To ensure premium quality, we recommend replacing the bolt and the tensioning sleeve after three assemblies/ disassemblies.

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Specification table

CW Connex connecting link Code / Type
Measurement Image CW 7
CW 8
CW 10
CW 13
CW 16


CW 10

CW 13

CW 16

CW 7

CW 8