CWP Connex connecting link

True light blue.

This is a universal connecting link that consists of two die-forged, identical halves, a bolt and a safety sleeve and is manufactured according to EN 1677‑1 with a load capacity according to G12. Thanks to the use of a safety sleeve, the design of this connecting link is extremely slim, thereby maximising the use of space – a great advantage compared to competitor products. The links may be assembled and disassembled by a competent person up to three times before the pin and the sleeve must be replaced (both are available as a spare parts set).

The last developed form allows to mount the parallel hook PWP or PSWP together with the chain directly into the Connex.

The CWP Connex connecting link ist he simplest way to assemble pewag winner pro chains, master links, master link assemblies and accessory parts. The surface of the master link has a light blue powder coating.

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Specification table

CWP Connex connecting link Code / Type
Measurement Image CWP 7
CWP 10
CWP 13
CWP 16


CWP 10

CWP 13

CWP 16