HZ High-tensile lifting tong

Benefits that go further.

The tips of these high-tensile lifting tongs in grade 8 are reinforced, making the lifting of short steel bars easier than ever. Naturally the tongs comply with the pewag works standard and come with a full operating manual.

Always observe the load capacities - they do not correspond to grade 8 and grade 10! Customised designs are available upon request, making these tongs a truly superior choice.

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Specification table

HZ High-tensile lifting tong Code / Type Required chain sling
Measurement Image HZ 0,125 WIN 5 II AW-CW 310
HZ 0,25 WIN 6 II AW-CW 410
HZ 0,5 WIN 7 II AW-CW 570
HZ 1 WIN 8 II AW-CW 730
HZ 2 WIN 8 II AW-CW 830