KLHWP Clevis safety hook

Specialises in: safety and strength

The great advantage of this clevis safety hook is that it closes and locks automatically under load, thereby preventing unintentional opening and providing additional safety during day-to-day operations. The larger jaw opening compared to the HSWP clevis hook provides additional versatility and flexibility.

The clevis safety hook is manufactured according to EN 1677‑3 with mechanical values for G12. The hook is suitable for straight pull only. Tip loading of the hook or loading of the safety catch are not permissible. The hook is easy to assemble and does not require special tools or additional connecting links as it is placed directly in the chain. Please note that assembly must be performed by a competent person. The full operating manual contains detailed instructions on the correct use of the product. The hook comes with CE-marking and exchangeable spare parts. The coupling pin and safety pin are available as a KBSWP spare parts set, as is the VLHWP locking set on the back of the hook. 

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Specification table

KLHWP Clevis safety hook Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image KLHWP 7 2,360
KLHWP 8 3,000
KLHWP 10 5,000
KLHWP 13 8,000