KOW Clevis reeving link

All‘s well that couples well.

When it comes to quality, we offer no compromises – the middle ground is not where we operate. We specialise in practical, serviceable products – and the KOW clevis reeving link is one of them.

The high-strength, die-forged coupling eye serves to establish a direct connection with the chain. The link may also be used as an end link. No connecting link is required. This powerful package comes with BG-approval, CE-marking and a full operating manual and is manufactured according to EN 1677‑1 with the mechanical values for G10.

The link may be assembled by a competent person easily and quickly, without the need for special tools. If individual components need to be exchanged, the system offers yet another bonus:
The coupling pin and the retaining pin are available as a KBSW spare parts set!

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Specification table

KOW Clevis reeving link Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image KOW 7 1,900
KOW 8 2,500
KOW 10 4,000
KOW 13 6,700
KOW 16 10,000


KOW 10

KOW 13

KOW 16