LXKW 2 Clevis master set

Two-way strength.

II-leg chain slings in the assembled system are created easily and quickly using this oversize clevis master set, as the chain may be attached directly to the captive coupling of the shortening element, which eliminates the need for an additional connecting element. Assembly and disassembly of the system by a competent person is easy and quick, without the need for special tools.

The hook functions both as a connecting link and a shortening element and the master link is suitable for crane hooks up to no. 25 according to DIN 15401 and up to no. 32 according to DIN 15402. The set itself complies with EN 818‑4 and has the mechanical values of G10. Due to its large master ring, it is frequently used on mobile cranes.

Other quality features in true pewag style include CE-marking, BG-approval and a full operating manual. The coupling pin and the lock pin are available as a KBSW spare parts set.

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Specification table

LXKW 2 Clevis master set Code / Type Fits on single hook acc. DIN 15401 no. Fits on double hook acc. DIN 15402 no.
Measurement Image LXKW 2-6 1)  25 32
LXKW 2-8 25 32
LXKW 2-10 25 32
LXKW 2-13 25 32
LXKW 2-16 25 32
LXKW 2 Clevis master set Code / Type
Measurement Image LXKW 2-6 1) 
LXKW 2-8
LXKW 2-10
LXKW 2-13
LXKW 2-16
 1)  May also be used with a 5 mm chain if load capacity is adjusted accordingly.

Example: LXKW 2-10 may be used for II-leg chain slings with a 10 mm chain.


LXKW 2-10

LXKW 2-13

LXKW 2-16

LXKW 2-6

LXKW 2-8