MWP Enlarged master link

What counts, is the inner width.

This master links corresponds to EN 1677‑4 with a load capacity according to G12. It is used to create I- and II-leg chain slings using the Connex CWP connecting link and opens up universal connection possibilities thanks to the flattened section incorporated in its design. It may also be used as an end link in single- or multiple-leg chain slings.

With its extra-large inner width compared to the AWP master link,
it is also suitable for larger single hooks according to DIN 15401 and double hooks according to DIN 15402. Refer to the table for the correct chain dimensions and single hook size.

This enlarged master link is manufactured according to EN 1677‑4 with the mechanical values of G12 and comes with BG-approval. The surface of the master link has a light blue powder coating.

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Specification table

MWP Enlarged master link Code / Type Fits on single hook acc. DIN 15401 no. Fits on double hook acc. DIN 15402 no. for 1-leg slings for 2-leg slings
Measurement Image MWP 13 4 5 7 -
MWP 16 5 6 8 -
MWP 18 6 8 10 -
MWP 26 10 12 13 -
MWP 36 10 25 - 16
MWP Enlarged master link Code / Type
Measurement Image MWP 13
MWP 16
MWP 18
MWP 26
MWP 36


MWP 16

MWP 13

MWP 26

MWP 18

MWP 36