High clamping force for safe transport.

Universal screw clamp for vertical and horizontal lifting and moving of a large variety of steel structures. The SCCW screw clamp is fitted with a movable cam on the thread spindle and a fixed pivot on the clampbody.

This provides a powerful clamping force on the workpiece. The movable lifting eye ensures a secure mounting of the clamp. Can also be attached upside down and be used as a temporary lifting point.

Type SCCW-W is supplied with an enlarged jaw opening width.

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Specification table

pewag peCLAMP SCCW / SCCW-W Code / Type
Measurement Image
Measurement Image 2
SCCW 1 t
SCCW-W 1 t
SCCW-W 3 t
SCCW 0.5 t
SCCW 1 t
SCCW 1.5 t
SCCW 3 t
SCCW 6 t