pewag winner profilift lifting point PLE/N Eta.
Tried-and-tested for pull in every direction.

Welding onto machine parts or vehicle bodies requires special products that are ideally suited for the hanging of lifting and lashing parts – and PLE pewag profilift eta (grade 8) is one of them. In fact, the product has made a name for itself among highstrength weldable lifting point, also for its integrated spring that keeps the ring in any position that is required. The product may be loaded in all directions.

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Specification table

PLE/N Eta Code / Type load capacity 1-leg 0°
load capacity 1-leg 90°
Measurement Image PLE/N 6 2,460 2,460
PLE/N 8 4,400 4,400
PLE/N 10 6,900 6,900
PLE/N 13 11,600 11,600
PLE/N 16 17,600 17,600
PLE/N 22 33,000 33,000
PLE/N Eta Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image PLE/N 6 2,460
PLE/N 8 4,400
PLE/N 10 6,900
PLE/N 13 11,600
PLE/N 16 17,600
PLE/N 22 33,000
Safety factor 4
Important: Subject to technical changes!

Product description

Permitted usage
For load capacities in the permitted directions of pull (fig. Permitted usage and permitted direction of pull), please refer to the load capacity table.

Non-permitted usage
During assembly, ensure that improper loading cannot arise due to any of the following factors:

  • Direction of pull is obstructed.
  • Direction of pull is not within the indicated area.
  • Loading ring rests against edges or loads.

3D views