PLGWI-PSA anchorage point

pewag winner prosecure gamma inox PSA.

The pewag PLGWI-PSA anchorage point is part of the anchorage system to which personal fall protection equipment may be attached. It was developed and tested in accordance with the stringent safety requirements for personal protection equipment according to EU Directive 89/686/EEC and already complies with the new EN795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415 standards.

For all other details, please refer to the operating manual.

Unlike the PLGW-PSA, the PLGWI-PSA is made from stainless material (INOX).

In addition, the screws are available in the desired and/or maximum lengths. The PLGWI-PSA may be mounted using a special pewag PLGW key or a standard Allen key.

Optionally also available with peTAG (NFC chip) or PIP (colour marking).

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Specification table

PLGWI-PSA anchorage point Code / Type thread
Persons a
n max
Measurement Image PLGWI PSA M12 M12 1 1.18 2.17 0.47 1.18 2.32 1.57 0.71 6.30 0.51
PLGWI PSA M16 M16 2 1.38 2.52 0.55 1.38 2.64 1.77 0.91 6.30 0.82