ÜW Transition assembly

For double hooks according to DIN 15402 – flawless finish.

Large master rings, combined with CW Connex and HSW eye hooks, make it possible to use smaller hooks, thereby opening up a wide range of possible combinations and load capacities, thanks to the modular assembly system. For details, please refer to the full operating manual.

The ÜW transition link assembly is manufactured according to EN 818‑4 with the mechanical values for G10 and is regarded as a high-quality product that lives up to its name throughout the pewag product range.

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Specification table

ÜW Transition assembly Code / Type Double hook DIN 15402 consisting of weight
Measurement Image ÜW 50/4 II VSAW-HSW Connex 50 2xVSAW 1-16/AW36/ CW16/HSW10 61.93 28.09
ÜW 50/6,7 II VSAW-HSW Connex 50 2xVSAW 1-16/AW36/ CW16/HSW13 64.55 29.28
ÜW 50/10 II VSAW- HSW Connex 50 2xVSAW 1-16/AW36/ CW16/HSW16 67.46 30.60
ÜW 50/16 II VSAW-HSW Connex 50 2xVSAW 1-16/AW36/ CW19/20/HSW19/20 72.97 33.10
ÜW 50/19 II VSAW-HSW Connex 50 2xVSAW 1-22/AW50/ CW26/HSW22 147.91 67.09
ÜW 50/26,5 II VSAW-HSW Connex 50 2xVSAW 1-22/AW50/ CW26/HSW26 161.91 73.44
ÜW 50/36 II VSAW-HSW Connex 50 2xVSAW 1-22/AW50/ CW32/HSW32 202.41 91.81
ÜW 100/26,5 II VSAW-HSW Connex 100 2xVSAW 1-32/320/AW50/ CW26/HSW26 294.18 133.44
ÜW 100/40 II VSAW-HSW Connex 100 2xVSAW 1-32/320/AW50/ CW32/HSW32 334.68 151.81
VSAW angle of inclination: max. 35°.