VAWI Special master link assembly for wire ropes

One for all.

With its flattened transition links, this stainless steel master link assembly for wire ropes opens up universal connection possibilities. If safety is your primary concern, you can’t go wrong with this IV-leg master link assembly with extra-large transition links to create III- and IV-leg wire rope slings in the welded or assembled system. The assembly is wide enough to fit two rope thimbles per transition link and is electrically welded and stamped for an extra-clean finish.

The manufacturing process of this corrosion-resistant, grade 6 master link assembly is similar to DIN 5688‑1 and DIN  3088‑1989. It is tested to 100 % of its maximum load capacity. The stamp and CE-mark ensure that the product is clearly identifiable.

Preferred areas of application for the VAWI IV-leg master link assembly G6 are water and wastewater applications and the product can also be used in connection with chemicals and food products; however, restrictions will apply and we recommend that you contact the manufacturer for advice prior to exposing the product to such use.

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Specification table

VAWI Special master link assembly for wire ropes Code / Type consisting of Fits on single hook acc. DIN 15401 no. Fits on double hook acc. DIN 15402 no.
Measurement Image VAWI 6-6 AWI 16-6 + 2 AWI 13-6 2.50 4
VAWI 7/8-6 AWI 18-6 + 2 AWI 16-6 5 6
VAWI 10-6 AWI 22-6 + 2 AWI 22-6 6 8
VAWI 13-6 AWI 26-6 + 2 AWI 26-6 8 10
VAWI 16-6 AWI 32-6 + 2 AWI 32-6 10 12
Number close to code constitutes chain, used in combination with product and attribution of ropes under construction of WLL in accordance of relevant rules of rope slings.


VAWI 10-6

VAWI 13-6

VAWI 16-6

VAWI 6-6

VAWI 7/8-6