VLWI Chain shortener

Safety is key.

This corrosion-resistant chain shortener is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and has a welded-in BWI transition link for the simple, effortless link-by-link shortening of stainless steel chains. In addition to being extremely convenient in its application, the shortener also offers the benefit of easy retrofitting in assembled systems and ensures that the chain cannot fall out even when it is shortened, as its proper weight will always lock it in place. The stamp and CE-mark ensure that the product is clearly identifiable.

Preferred areas of application for the VLWI shortener are water and wastewater applications and the product can also be used in connection with chemicals and food products; however, restrictions will apply and we recommend that you contact the manufacturer for advice prior to exposing the product to such use.

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Specification table

VLWI Chain shortener Code / Type e
Measurement Image VLWI 5/6-6 4.49 3.15 2.05 0.63 1.02 0.31 0.49
VLWI 7/8-6 6.14 4.37 2.68 0.87 1.34 0.43 1.26
VLWI 10-6 7.32 5.24 3.39 1.06 1.57 0.47 2.34
VLWI 13-6 9.53 6.65 4.25 1.26 2.05 0.63 4.89
VLWI 16-6 11.18 8.03 5.28 1.50 2.52 0.79 9.17
Number close to code constitutes chain, used in combination with product.


VLWI 10-6

VLWI 13-6

VLWI 16-6

VLWI 5/6-6

VLWI 7/8-6